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Roman Armour

Roman armour was the last line of defense against the enemy during battle. We carry many pieces of historical Roman armour. We have Roman body armour such as Lorica Segmenta, scale armour, and muscle armour. Loricas were used by the Roman Empire between 2nd and 3rd century AD, consisting of metal strips that wrapped around the front and back of a Roman soldier. For leg protection, we carry Roman greaves and gladiator greaves. Arm protection includes Roman bracers and gladiator arm guards. We are your online resource for the historical reenactment armour that will transform you into a centurion or legionnaire. These pieces come in leather armour and plate armour designs.

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Black Steel Muscle Cuirass

Item # HW-700706
Send your enemies fleeing when you show your strength in the Black Steel Muscle Cuirass. Made of 20 gauge steel, this body armour is inspired by the muscle cuirasses worn by the warriors and rulers of ancient Rome and Greece.

Brass Gladiator Neck Guard

Item # AH-6222B
Gladiators typically did not wear a lot of armor, as it tended to make the fight more risky and therefore, more exciting. Many gladiators went into battle wearing minimal armor, including something like this Brass Gladiator Neck Guard.

Brass Gladiator Scaled Arm Guard

Item # AH-6234B
The armor a gladiator wore often depended on their type, although a more common piece of gladiatorial armor was this Brass Gladiator Scaled Arm Guard. This protector offers the defense of metal armor in a rather lightweight package.

Brass Lorica Squamata

Item # AH-6163
A serious Greek or Roman warrior needs a full set of protection. This Brass Lorica Squamata is the perfect start to your armored appearance, giving you an added layer of defense between your body and the implements of your enemy.

Brass Praetorian Greaves

Item # AH-6123
In Ancient Rome, members of the Praetorian Guard were often immediately recognizable. Not only was their position one of power, but they were a noble corps, wearing the finest armor, including pieces like these Brass Praetorian Greaves.

Brass Scale Armor

Item # AH-6161B
Popular in Greek and Roman warrior cultures, scale armor consists of brass pieces layered together to create an effective suit of armor. This Brass Scale Armor is an authentic piece of protective gear for your warrior ensemble.

Centurion Leather Body Armour

Item # DK5001
This attractive harness provides full frontal and rear torso protection. Our Centurion Armour has a classic Roman Style making this perfect for Roman soldiers, gladiators, centurions, and even praetorian guards!

Early Roman Officers Armour Set

Item # ED8155
Early armor of Rome was influenced heavily by earlier Greek armour, and it would not be unusual to see early Roman armies wearing armour and helmets similar to those worn by the soldiers of Greece and Gaul.

Flat Ring Round Riveted Lorica Hamata

Item # HW-700599
The Flat Ring Round Riveted Lorica Hamata is perfect for armouring up like an ancient Roman warrior. This chainmail shirt features short sleeves and an attached, leather-trimmed chainmail mantle with brass accents at the front.

Flat Ring Wedge Riveted Lorica Hamata

Item # HW-700600
Become a Roman warrior when you wear the Flat Ring Wedge Riveted Lorica Hamata. This short sleeve Roman chainmail shirt has an attached chainmail mantle, and it is made of 18 gauge, flat steel rings that are wedge riveted together.

Gladiator Front And Back Plate

Item # AH-6221B
Not all gladiators entered into the arena with limited armor. Some, like the secutor gladiator, would have worn heavy armor like this Gladiator Front and Back Plate, all with the intention of making the fight more entertaining.

Gladiator Leather Segmentata Arm Guard

Item # AH-6231R
Some gladiators wore very little armor, choosing instead to go into the arena carrying their given weapon, limited clothing, and this Gladiator Leather Segmentata Arm Guard, preferring to rely on offense to grant them victory.