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No one really wants to get up close and personal with a zombie, but, if it happens, you will want to make sure you are equipped with a functional blade! These zombie knives and zombie daggers have been crafted with survival in mind. In this category, you will an excellent variety of survival knife styles like Bowie knives, field knives, camp knives, skinner knives, and utility knives. These outdoor knives will help keep you alive when on the run from the horde. Alternately, check out our other tactical dagger styles like zombie cleavers, zombie karambits, military knives, push blades, and other kinds of combat knives perfect for fighting back against the undead. Our zombie apocalypse blades range in size from uber-portable neck knives, boot knives, and folding knives to hefty Gurkhas, saber claws, and bayonet knives, so you can be sure to find one that fits your needs. Browse our fantastic selection of survival daggers and tactical knives to find excellent options for your bug out bag or home arsenal.
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Xpedition Low Profile Drop Point Tactical Knife

Item # KX-KX4002
Sleek and sized for effective, discreet use, this Xpedition Low Profile Drop Point Tactical Knife is everything you want in a small blade. Sturdy and strong, it will definitely get the job done, no matter what the task may be.

Xpedition Tactical Low Profile Tanto Survival Knife

Item # KX-KX4001
Durable and effective are two qualities that you want your survival and combat knife to have. And this Xpedition Tactical Low Profile Tanto Survival Knife demonstrates them, thanks to a tanto blade and a tactical black coloration.

Z-Hunter Biohazard Black Folding Knife

Item # MC-ZB-003BK
The benefit of a folding knife is quite easy to see. It is small, light-weight, and in the case of this Z-Hunter Biohazard Black Folding Knife, it is quick to deploy, making it a solid choice for any zombie hunter or survivor to carry.

Zom-b Tanto Knife

Item # ZS-211178
When the zombie outbreak occurs, versatility and durability are the main requirements for your equipment. The Zom-b Tanto Knife offers you an item for your bug-out bag to help you survive after escaping the shambling horde.
$9.90 $8.91

Zombie Biohazard Curved Knife

Item # NP-H-804
A viral outbreak left the world in chaos with hordes of the undead to fill the streets, but that is not a good reason to stay indoors. Go on the offensive with the Zombie Biohazard Curved Knife, a handy addition to your survival gear.

Zombie Biohazard Hand Knife

Item # NP-H-803
The fierce design of the Zombie Biohazard Hand Knife inspires fear in the living and the dead. Clear the way for your group by hacking through the horde or wield it during the many combat situations that arise in a dystopian world.

Zombie Green Sawback Knife

Item # NP-H-4731
Survival in a post-apocalyptic world requires quick thinking and tools that get the job done swiftly and efficiently. Cut your way through everyday tasks, and the occasional zombie skull, with the Zombie Green Sawback Hunting Knife.

Zombie Karambit Neck Knife

Item # NP-YC-9115
Prepare for those situations when a zombie has you backed into the corner. Get out of that tight spot and apply close combat skills with the Zombie Karambit Neck Knife, a small, but efficient weapon in a world overridden by the dead.