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No one really wants to get up close and personal with a zombie, but, if it happens, you will want to make sure you are equipped with a functional blade! These zombie knives and zombie daggers have been crafted with survival in mind. In this category, you will an excellent variety of survival knife styles like Bowie knives, field knives, camp knives, skinner knives, and utility knives. These outdoor knives will help keep you alive when on the run from the horde. Alternately, check out our other tactical dagger styles like zombie cleavers, zombie karambits, military knives, push blades, and other kinds of combat knives perfect for fighting back against the undead. Our zombie apocalypse blades range in size from uber-portable neck knives, boot knives, and folding knives to hefty Gurkhas, saber claws, and bayonet knives, so you can be sure to find one that fits your needs. Browse our fantastic selection of survival daggers and tactical knives to find excellent options for your bug out bag or home arsenal.
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Black Survivor Tanto Knife

Item # MC-HK-106320GN
Show off your wilderness survival skills using this fixed blade, black stainless steel knife! The Black Survivor Tanto Knife possesses a full tang, 3-inch blade and a bright green cord wrapped handle.
$10.00 $9.00

Blood Spattered Green Zombie Hunter Knife

Item # MC-ZB-087GN
This blade makes no move to hide its true purpose - slaying zombies. The Blood Spattered Green Zombie Hunter Knife shows off its past kills with a bright red blood splash pattern across its vivid green blade.
$12.00 $10.80

Blood Splattered Zombie Knife

Item # NP-H-4733
Red streaks mar the serrated blade of the Blood Splattered Zombie Knife. A suitable accent to a knife designed for everyday survival in a post-apocalyptic world. This versatile and efficient cutting tool raises your odds.

Drop Point Skull Knife

Item # MC-MX-8091C
Do you want an edge with a little more edge? Look no further than the Drop Point Skull Knife. This gothic themed knife offers a classic shape with a clipped point and serrations, accented by an eye-catching skull pattern.

Green Biohazard Folding Clip Point Pocket Knife

Item # KX-KB3104
If not for the coloration, this Green Biohazard Folding Clip Point Pocket Knife could almost be a traditional pocket knife. The vibrant green handle and tactical black blade, though, make it a distinctive blade for anyone to carry.

Green Biohazard Survival Kukri

Item # ZS-926852-GN
The Green Biohazard Survival Kukri updates the design of the kukri a bit, subtracting here and adding there to give it all the features that a survivor might want in a knife, in order to make it a more effective tool for zombie survival.
$19.90 $17.91

Green Blade Z-Hunter Knife

Item # MC-ZB-111BG
Take pride in wielding a weapon that boasts the zombie hunting colors, like the Green Blade Z-Hunter Knife. This unique weapon will let everyone know that when the end of days approaches you will be fighting the undead.

Green Blood Z-Hunter Knife

Item # MC-ZB-110BG
Instead of being a victim during the zombie apocalypse become a fighting force against the undead, with the Green Blood Z-Hunter Knife. This unique pocket knife is ready to take vengeance on the zombie horde one by one.

Green Dead Walker Hunter Knife

Item # ZS-211197-GN
With the world overrun by the zombie horde, you will want to ensure that you are prepared for an attack at any time. The Green Dead Walker Hunter Knife has a zombie green handle that looks striking with the black finish of the blade.
$9.90 $8.91

Green Dead Walker Sawback Knife

Item # ZS-211196-GN
When heading out to take care of the latest horde of zombie walkers, you should make sure that you are well-equipped for your task. The Green Dead Walker Sawback Knife displays a zombie green handle and a blackened blade finish.
$9.90 $8.91

Green Paracord Zombie Utility Knife

Item # NP-K1052-1-BK
Whether you are preparing game or outsmarting a hungry zombie, the Green Paracord Zombie Utility Knife is a helpful tool to have on hand. This dystopian twist on the all-purpose hunting knife is sure to impress the modern survivalist.

Green Skull Bowie Knife

Item # MC-ZB-031
A good knife is a must-have for when the zombies rise. It needs to cut, slash, pierce, and be strong and reliable. With the Green Skull Bowie Knife, you get just that along with a green skull camo design.