Real Axes & Hatchets

Axes make excellent zombie killers when it comes to apocalypse weapons. The zombie axes, zombie hatchets, and zombie tomahawks that you will find here are rugged and reliable tools that can be used for battle and survival tasks. Functional axes can be used for chopping, splitting, and shaping wood for campfires and carving, as well as clearing brush out of an area. Our tactical axes come in all shapes and sizes, including a number with zombie camo patterns, blood spatter designs, or matte black styling. Our survival axes, survival tomahawks, and survival hatchets include lighter designs perfect for traveling, as well as heftier full-sized axes for felling trees and zombies alike. These zombie apocalypse axes are made from quality materials like high-grade steel to ensure that they will perform reliably for many years when properly maintained. Be ready for any kind of disaster or emergency by keeping one of these utility axes on hand in your home arsenal or bug out bag.
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Black Legion Long Axe

Item # BK-BV116
A wise man once said that you cannot beat the classics. The Black Legion Long Axe recreates the iconic fire axe in tactical black, resulting in a hefty and hardy weapon that is fully capable of handling virtually any task.

Black Steel Zombie Hand Axe

Item # MC-ZB-AXE7
When the zombies rise, you will want to have the right tools on hand for fighting the undead and surviving on the run. The Black Steel Zombie Hand Axe makes a great option with its zombie-themed coloration and quality construction.

Black Zombie Hunter Axe

Item # MC-ZB-038BK
When you want a weapon that will stand out from other zombie apocalypse blades, the Black Zombie Hunter Axe makes a great choice. This black stainless steel axe features a curved blade, gut hook, and serrated back.

Cord Wrapped Apocalypse Hatchet

Item # MC-ZB-AXE1
In a design inspired by the firefighter pick headed axe, the Cord Wrapped Apocalypse Hatchet is crafted to thrive in survival situations, featuring a sleekly designed head with a sharp cutting edge and a pick.

Cord Wrapped Zombie Hatchet

Item # MC-ZB-027
When facing zombie apocalypse, a ton of extras does not mean something is good - just look at the Cord Wrapped Zombie Hatchet. It may not have the features of other axes or hatchets, but it is rough and tumble and will get the job done.

Doomsday Fallout Survival Axe

Item # VW-PH1001
The fight for survival begins now! As the inevitable apocalypse approaches, preparations must be made, such as gathering food, water, and the Doomsday Fallout Survival Axe. This toxic green axe is a great weapon and all-around tool.

Doomsday Tactical Survival Axe

Item # VW-PH1000
The fight for survival begins now! As the inevitable apocalypse approaches, preparations must be made, such as gathering food, water, and the Doomsday Tactical Survival Axe. This black axe is a great weapon and all-around tool.

Green Paracord Biohazard Hatchet

Item # NP-H-806
The stylized cutouts and serrations of the Green Paracord Biohazard Hatchet befit a post-apocalyptic setting. It offers versatility and strength to those still numbered among the living, a useful tool for combat and daily survival.

Green Paracord Zombie Survival Axe

Item # NP-H-805
Here is another useful tool, or rather, weapon to add to your survival gear. With a design befitting a dystopian setting, overrun with the undead, the Green Paracord Zombie Survival Axe lends its power and utility to the living.

Green Tactical Battle Axe

If you need to find your zombie apocalypse weapon in a hurry, this Green Tactical Battle Axe will stand out from the crowd. This pick head axe is multi-functional, packing a wallop with a distinct style as you hack through the morass.

Greenland Pattern Hatchet

Item # CTK4070C15
The Greenland Pattern Hatchet is a reliable axe that was made for use in the outdoors. This great tool is a fully functional hatchet that features a variety of uses while in the woods, making this a great camping and hiking companion.

M48 Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk

Item # UC2946
The M48 Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk is the ultimate in tactical weaponry. A clever design incorporates a variety of features that make it a must-have for the survivor that plans to live on after the world has met its end.
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