Prosthetics, Ears & Teeth

Some of the most creative and intriguing costumes feature not only breath-taking costumes and accessories, but also feature the additions of prosthetics which alter more than the wearers physical appearance they altar his or her race or state of being. We offer a wide variety of small yet stunning and shocking prosthetics that are designed to elevate your costume from good to great in little more than the paltry amount of time it takes to apply the prosthetic. Our costume prosthetics are great for adding those final touches of realism to any costume. If you want to be an orc, we feature orc ears, noses and teeth to make you look as real as possible. Or if you want to be an elf, we carry several different types of ears: wood elf ears, moon elf ears, high elf ears and more; we have all the ear prosthetics that you could need, to be almost any type of elf you can imagine. Our prosthetics can make you into a goblin, or a dwarf, or even a troll! And no prosthetic section is complete without a series of vampire fangs. And since many of our prosthetics feature a natural skin tone, they can easily be painted to ensure that whether you are a blue orc or a purple goblin, your costume prosthetics will match perfectly. So if you find that your too human race is holding back your costuming potential, change things up and make yourself into something different with our costume prosthetics!
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Demon Ears Prosthetic

Item # HS-25113
It is the little details that really make a costume shine and excel. And these Demon Ears prosthetics are truly a pair of those details that can be added to a variety of costumes to create an impressive and unforgettable appearance.

Demon Horns Foam Prosthetic

Item # CM-FO081
Flowers withered as the demon approached the house. Tendrils of smoke rose from the charred flesh around his horns. The Demon Horns Foam Prosthetic will help you achieve a devilish look for Halloween, theatrical productions, and more.

Demon Horns Prosthetic

Item # HS-25147
Inspired by the iconic appearance of these creatures of darkness, the Demon Horns Prosthetic allows you to expose your true form with a pair of horns that pierce your skin to show off their roughly curved shapes.

Demoniak Horns Latex Appliance

Item # HS-25181
Forced to show your true form by some angelic being, you howl as curved horns push their way through your forehead. The Demoniak Horns Latex Appliance includes a unique costume accessory for devil, monster, and demon looks.

Devil Ears

Item # CM-WO137
Now you can give yourself that devilish flair you have always wanted, just by donning a pair of these Devil Ears. These ears are made from latex and are pre-painted a vibrant red color to match up to any devilish skin tone.

Devil Foam Prosthetic

Item # CM-FO006
You can transform into the quite the devil when you wear the Devil Foam Prosthetic. Applied directly to your face, this prosthetic moves when you do, creating an illusion so others will wonder if you really are a devil.

Devil FX Kit

Item # CM-FX008
Mephistopholes, Azrael, and Chernobog are a few of the devils, demons, and other malevolent spirits found throughout folklore and religious writings worldwide. This Devil FX Kit will transform you into one such accursed creature.

Dr. Tung Latex Appliance

Item # CM-WO751
This mad scientist ended up looking just as monstrous as his grotesque creations. The Dr. Tung Latex Appliance covers your whole mouth and chin with a gaping maw that shows broken teeth and an enlarged, hanging tongue.

Dwarf Nose

Item # MW-102675
Much of your life has been spent toiling in the mines, but your adventurous soul dreams of exploring the magical domain that lies beyond your home. Become a resident of a high fantasy realm with the Dwarf Nose completing your costume.
$11.20 $10.08

Elf Ears Prosthetic

Item # HS-25114
It is the little details that really make a costume shine and excel. And these Elf Ears prosthetics are truly a pair of those little details that can be added to a variety of costumes to create an impressive and unforgettable appearance.

Elven Ear Tips

Item # CM-WO311
Elves are well-known for their distinctively pointed ears, as its one of the few traits they have that differs from normal humans. You, too, can have the same pointed ears whenever you apply these Elven Ear Tips.

Elven Ear Tips EZ FX Kit

Item # CM-EZ311
Adding delicate points to your ears is the perfect way to transform yourself into one of the elegant folk of the forest. With this Elven Ear Tips EZ FX Kit, it has never been easier to give yourself pointed ears or remove them.