Prosthetics, Ears & Teeth

Some of the most creative and intriguing costumes feature not only breath-taking costumes and accessories, but also feature the additions of prosthetics which alter more than the wearers physical appearance they altar his or her race or state of being. We offer a wide variety of small yet stunning and shocking prosthetics that are designed to elevate your costume from good to great in little more than the paltry amount of time it takes to apply the prosthetic. Our costume prosthetics are great for adding those final touches of realism to any costume. If you want to be an orc, we feature orc ears, noses and teeth to make you look as real as possible. Or if you want to be an elf, we carry several different types of ears: wood elf ears, moon elf ears, high elf ears and more; we have all the ear prosthetics that you could need, to be almost any type of elf you can imagine. Our prosthetics can make you into a goblin, or a dwarf, or even a troll! And no prosthetic section is complete without a series of vampire fangs. And since many of our prosthetics feature a natural skin tone, they can easily be painted to ensure that whether you are a blue orc or a purple goblin, your costume prosthetics will match perfectly. So if you find that your too human race is holding back your costuming potential, change things up and make yourself into something different with our costume prosthetics!
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Chatter Latex Appliance

Item # CM-WO642
You will not be a chatterbox for long when wearing this gruesome latex prosthetic. The Chatter Latex Appliance exposes a wide swathe of flesh around the bare teeth for a feral, manic grin suitable for a zombie or monster.

Cheekbone Smash Prosthetic

Item # HS-25166
Someone took offense at something you said and decided to take out their anger with violence energy. The Cheekbone Smash Prosthetic shows the gory results of that encounter, revealing a deep gouge left behind on your cheek.

Chewed Nose Latex Appliance

Item # HS-25169
Some vicious monster thought you looked like a tasty snack and decided to take a bite to see! The Chewed Nose Latex Prosthetic displays the gory remains of a bitten off nose and exposed teeth where the upper lip was torn away.

Closer Look Latex Appliance

Item # HS-25168
What lies beneath flesh and sinew? Now you know with the grotesque addition of the Closer Look Latex Appliance! This gory wound appliance displays an empty eye socket surrounded by bone and the bloody torn flesh of your cheek.

Coupe de Gross Latex Appliance

Item # CM-WO753
Prepare to gross out anyone who sees you this Halloween when you wear this zombie face prosthetic. The Coupe de Gross Latex Appliance covers your whole face, transforming you into the rotting visage of the undead.

Crash Victim Deluxe Kit

Item # CM-FXD103
You think this looks bad? You should see the stiff in the other car! Create a gruesome car accident survivor, haunting apparition, or recently turned zombie with this Crash Victim Deluxe Kit, which includes embedded glass wounds.

Crazy Shot Prosthetic

Item # HS-25122
It is the little details that really make a costume shine and excel. And this Crazy Shot Prosthetic is truly one of those little details that can be added to a variety of costumes to create an impressive and unforgettable appearance.

Curled Devil Horns

Item # CM-FO082
Due to his unique corkscrew horns and stubborn manner, the demon assigned to Purgatory level 4D was nicknamed Battering Ram. The Curled Devil Horns will help you achieve a wicked look for Halloween, theatrical productions, and more.

Cut Trio EZ FX Kit

Item # CM-EZ145
The Cut Trio EZ FX Fit will leave you looking like the victim of a brutal slasher attack. This special effects wound kit includes thin slices that go great with horror costumes for zombie walks and Halloween parties.

Dark Elven Ears

Item # MW-102037
These handcrafted Dark Elven Ears are made in Germany from high-quality latex using a method preferred by professional make-up artists. These high-quality ears are based on the dark elves described in books and portrayed in films.
$13.68 $12.31

Dark Light Prosthetic

Item # HS-25104
For a truly terrifying look, the Dark Light Prosthetic, when applied, will turn your eyes into gaping black pits, creating the look that your eyes were violently torn from their sockets, leaving only emotionless and empty holes.

Deep Show Prosthetic

Item # HS-25112
Whether you are a ravenous zombie or rate yourself among the living, bursting through glass is bound to leave you with more than a few scratches, as well as a few wounds that look remarkably similar to the Deep Show Prosthetic.