Prosthetics, Ears & Teeth

Some of the most creative and intriguing costumes feature not only breath-taking costumes and accessories, but also feature the additions of prosthetics which alter more than the wearers physical appearance they altar his or her race or state of being. We offer a wide variety of small yet stunning and shocking prosthetics that are designed to elevate your costume from good to great in little more than the paltry amount of time it takes to apply the prosthetic. Our costume prosthetics are great for adding those final touches of realism to any costume. If you want to be an orc, we feature orc ears, noses and teeth to make you look as real as possible. Or if you want to be an elf, we carry several different types of ears: wood elf ears, moon elf ears, high elf ears and more; we have all the ear prosthetics that you could need, to be almost any type of elf you can imagine. Our prosthetics can make you into a goblin, or a dwarf, or even a troll! And no prosthetic section is complete without a series of vampire fangs. And since many of our prosthetics feature a natural skin tone, they can easily be painted to ensure that whether you are a blue orc or a purple goblin, your costume prosthetics will match perfectly. So if you find that your too human race is holding back your costuming potential, change things up and make yourself into something different with our costume prosthetics!
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Blasted Face Latex Appliance

Item # CM-WO610
Nothing will draw more eyes at your next zombie walk than this gory wound prosthetic! The Blasted Face Latex Appliance makes you look as though a large circle of flesh has been removed around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Bloodstained Vampire Fangs

Item # FM-64393
Once you put in these fangs, people will stop thinking you are in costume and start thinking you are a real vampire. The Bloodstained Vampire Fangs have a pale color marred only by red bloodstains and are custom-fitted to your mouth.

Bloody Zombie Scar

Item # FM-66078
No zombie is entirely without scars or wounds because that is likely how the virus was transmitted. The Bloody Zombie Scar kit contains one impressive wound that can make you look like a more realistic zombie.

Body Hits EZ FX Kit

Item # CM-EZ003
You can look like the victim of a brutal attack with the help of these gruesome costume wounds! The Body Hits EZ FX Kit includes all the pieces necessary to create a gory appearance for your next Halloween party or zombie walk.

Broken Arm Prosthetic

Item # HS-25164
This is one injury that will leave onlookers truly disturbed! The Broken Arm Prosthetic displays an utterly gruesome open wound that exposes the snapped ends of your arm bone, surrounding by pulpy red flesh and torn skin.

Broken Bone Latex Appliance

Item # CM-WO163
This Broken Bone Latex Appliance easily creates the illusion of an exposed, skin-breaking fracture. The broken bone prosthetic works well on your arm, leg, or collarbone for a realistic look that will make people squirm!

Broken Bone Prosthetic

Item # HS-25117
It is the little details that really make a costume shine and excel. And this Broken Bone Prosthetic is truly one of those little details that can be added to a variety of costumes to create an impressive and unforgettable appearance.

Bullet Exit EZ FX Kit

Item # CM-EZ023
When heading out to your next zombie walk or Halloween party, show off your undead style with gory wounds like the Bullet Exit EZ FX Kit. You will look like you just had an encounter with a .38 with this fake wound.

Burn Scar Gel

Item # CM-WO033
Have you ever wanted to create burn scars to use with any of your ideal costumes? Then this Burn Scar Gel is just what you need, allowing you to customize your own burn scars on your face, arms, legs, or torso!

Busted Bone Prosthetic

Item # HS-25139
Onlookers may cringe when they see you wearing this broken bone prosthetic as a part of your costume! The Busted Bone Prosthetic models an exposed bone that has been shattered into two pieces. The bone sits among bloody flesh.

Buum Horns Prosthetic

Item # HS-25108
Become a terrifying beast of mythical lore or a demon, fresh from the gates of hell, with the Buum Horns Prosthetic. These brown, pointed horns look as though they burst through the skin, leaving ragged, tattered skin at the base.

Capped Bullet Wounds Set

Item # CM-WO319
In a modern world where guns are king, bullet wounds are something of a staple when it comes to false injuries. With this Capped Bullet Wounds Set, you will have your choice of a variety of entry and exit wounds.