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Add a touch of horror to your Halloween, or to your everyday life with these impressive props and decor. Dead heads and hearts, are not the only things you will find here, though, as we have plenty of other props, including animals, too. Everything you could possibly need to add that stylish touch to your decorations come Halloween is here, although it really does not need to be Halloween for these props and decorations to get good use. You can find gruesome severed heads that make for fantastic battle trophies, as well as other frightening decorations. There are dismembered limbs and organs here, some monstrous, some normal, and all of them eerie. You can also find classic elements of horror here, like werewolf, vampire, and zombie statues and figurines. So if you find yourself in need of a prop or a decoration for a specific scene, style, or Halloween decor, check here and you will find just what you need in this category.
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Rubber Prop Skull

Item # RC-1806
Nothing says horror and fright quite like a human skull. Looking very much like one of the dear departed, this Rubber Prop Skull acts as an alternative to the real thing while still having detail enough to look like the genuine article.

Severed Zombie Foot

Item # FM-66671
The Severed Zombie Foot is a shocking, morbid piece that is perfect for adding a level of disturbing realism to your zombie outbreak. With its gruesome appearance and lifelike size, this prop will jolt everyone that stumbles on it.

Skull Totem Crosier

Item # HS-27824
The totem is a sacred object or spirit being that symbolizes the heart of the people. This symbol guides the person or group of people throughout their life. Now you can lead your tribe to victory by carrying the Skull Totem Crosier!

Slithering Reticulated Python

Item # ZB-1026
With a snake like this Slithering Reticulated Python, a venomous bite should be the least of your worries. This snake should be respected for its size as well as the impressive level of force it can generate when it squeezes is prey.
$58.00 $52.20

Slytherin Printed Wall Banner

Item # RC-3998
Perhaps in Slytherin Youll make your real friends, those cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends. This Slytherin Printed Wall Banner displays the entwined serpent with green and silver background of the Hogwarts house.

Steampunk Deluxe Pocket Watch Prop

Item # FM-66176
Even small things, like a time piece, are different in a Steampunk world. Consider the Steampunk Deluxe Pocket Watch Prop, which has the basic design as a modern pocket watch but features an industrial look that fits a Steampunk style.

Steampunk Pocket Watch Prop

Item # FM-66143
A pocket watch is more than a simple time piece. Every pocket watch, including the Steampunk Pocket Watch Prop, is a functional accessory that enhances personal style and can reveal as much about a person as choice of attire can.

Victorian Walking Cane

Item # FM-56639
In the days of antiquity, a walking cane was often considered to be a personal accessory, whether you needed one or not. If you feel that you need one to complete your chosen style, than this Victorian Walking Cane will fit the need.

Voodoo Skull Crosier

Item # HS-27823
When all hope is lost, only the witch doctor can beckon the spirits to save your soul. By using his knowledge of the spiritual realm and their dealings, he can lift the touch of evil from upon you using the Voodoo Skull Crosier!

Wizard Dragon Orb Costume Staff

Item # CAL-60710
Unleash your magical skills and expect an epic adventure into a high fantasy realm with the Wizard Dragon Orb Costume Staff. Mark your own path as a legendary sage or a sorcerer of the dark arts with this fantastic accessory in hand.

Zombie Teddy Bear

Item # HS-26003
Do you know that feeling you get when you see a soft teddy bear and want to hug it? Well, you will not get that feeling when you look at the Zombie Teddy Bear. You will probably get the opposite feeling and take a few steps away.