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Add a touch of horror to your Halloween, or to your everyday life with these impressive props and decor. Dead heads and hearts, are not the only things you will find here, though, as we have plenty of other props, including animals, too. Everything you could possibly need to add that stylish touch to your decorations come Halloween is here, although it really does not need to be Halloween for these props and decorations to get good use. You can find gruesome severed heads that make for fantastic battle trophies, as well as other frightening decorations. There are dismembered limbs and organs here, some monstrous, some normal, and all of them eerie. You can also find classic elements of horror here, like werewolf, vampire, and zombie statues and figurines. So if you find yourself in need of a prop or a decoration for a specific scene, style, or Halloween decor, check here and you will find just what you need in this category.
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Medieval Doctors Kit

Item # ZS-HS-7890
Medieval doctors came prepared with quite the kit, and now, you can prepare yourself for a surgical procedure by equipping yourself with a similar set-up, in the form of this Medieval Doctors Kit, with its assortment of tools.
$109.90 $98.91

Pirate Goblet

Item # FM-58546
Take one classically styled old-world goblet and mix in some swashbuckling decorations, and you get this Pirate Goblet. This prop sports a gruesome skeletal grin that will scare a lesser man and challenge a pirate to drink more.

Pirate Gold Coins

Item # FM-31044
Pirates had a love for all things valuable, but they typically had a special love for gold coins. And why not? As hard currency, Pirate Gold Coins were, once acquired, easy to spend, because gold coins were always worth their weight.

Pirate's Beer Mug

Item # FM-60241
Is it really a pirates life for you? When you carry this Pirates Beer Mug, it certainly is! This mug is a pirate prop that any pirate would be happy to carry, thanks to its old, wooden look and its impressive pirate decoration.

Pirate's Parrot

Item # FM-31092
One of the most famous pirates from fiction had a pet parrot, and now, you can have one too! Unfortunately, this Pirates Parrot is a less lively than Long John Silvers parrot, so you will not catch it squawking any time soon.

Pirate's Parrot Bracelet

Item # FM-61954
Polly want a cracker? No? Polly wants to make someone walk the plank! Pirates are notorious for having loud and talkative parrots for companions, and now you can have your very own parrot companion with this Pirates Parrot Bracelet!

Pirate's Treasure Map

Item # FM-59921
At least once in their life, every pirate has found an old treasure map, although not all pirates chose to follow them. That choice is yours when you have this Pirates Treasure Map, which can guide you on an adventure.

Queen of Hearts Costume Staff

Item # CAL-60709
Enjoy a relaxing stroll through your beloved rose garden. Take note that not a single white rose mars your peaceful haven. The Queen of Hearts Costume Staff lends you extra majesty and grace when bellowing out the favored phrase.

Radioactive Rat

Item # HS-27004
Radioactive waste affects different creatures in strange ways. Heck, it affects all things in strange ways, although none likely could have foreseen the effect that hazardous waste would have had on this poor Radioactive Rat.

Ravenclaw Printed Wall Banner

Item # RC-3999
Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if youve a ready mind, where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind. This Ravenclaw Printed Wall Banner displays the black raven with blue and silver background of the Hogwarts house.

Resin Cranium

Item # HS-27037
Looking suspiciously like weathered and aged bone, this Resin Cranium looks like a skull that has seen quite a bit and has come away looking a little worse for the wear. Despite its appearance, this skull is still a creepy customer.

Ron Weasley Wand from Harry Potter

Item # RC-9701
Our Ron Weasley Wand is licensed from the Harry Potter movies. This wand is the perfect accessory for your Ron Weasley Costume! It is offered in one length and is perfect for kids and adults alike.