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Add a touch of horror to your Halloween, or to your everyday life with these impressive props and decor. Dead heads and hearts, are not the only things you will find here, though, as we have plenty of other props, including animals, too. Everything you could possibly need to add that stylish touch to your decorations come Halloween is here, although it really does not need to be Halloween for these props and decorations to get good use. You can find gruesome severed heads that make for fantastic battle trophies, as well as other frightening decorations. There are dismembered limbs and organs here, some monstrous, some normal, and all of them eerie. You can also find classic elements of horror here, like werewolf, vampire, and zombie statues and figurines. So if you find yourself in need of a prop or a decoration for a specific scene, style, or Halloween decor, check here and you will find just what you need in this category.
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Hermione Granger Wand from Harry Potter

Item # RC-9703
Our Hermione Granger Wand is licensed from the Harry Potter movies. This wand is the perfect accessory for your Hermione Granger Costume! It is a great accent and accessory for young up-and-coming witches to have.

Hogwarts Printed Wall Banner from Harry Potter

Item # RC-9719
Our Hogwarts Printed Wall Banner is licensed from the Harry Potter movies. This banner features a gold banner with Hogwarts across the top, the Hogwarts crest below it, and Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus along the bottom.

Hufflepuff Printed Wall Banner

Item # RC-4000
You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil. This Hufflepuff Printed Wall Banner displays the badger with black and gold background of the Hogwarts house.

Kids Harry Potter Accessory Kit

Item # RC-5374
If your child dreams of flying cars, three-headed dogs named Fluffy, and moving staircases, you might need a trip to Hogwarts. In the meantime, your child will love this Kids Harry Potter Accessory Kit for Halloween or everyday play.

Little Dude Statue

Item # HS-27098
Staring far too intently with an expression of hunger, this ghastly creature sits in the corner, waiting for inhabitants of the house to fall asleep. The Little Dude Statue depicts some sort of wicked imp with a creepy smile.

Little Freak

Item # HS-27096
If left unchecked, this goblin creature may become more than just a household pest! The Little Freak displays the squat form of a devilish being with short horns poking up from its head and wicked-looking fangs.

Little Green Creature

Item # HS-27093
It is not always the big creatures you have to worry about. Sometimes, it is the little beasties that will get you, so always be on the lookout for a Little Green Creature, because you never know when they might pop up.
$68.22 $61.40

Little Monster

Item # HS-27087
Is it a gremlin? Or perhaps it is a little troll? No-one knows for certain. What is known, though, is that the Little Monster is an eerie and creepy decoration that stares blankly, all while delivering an unnervingly toothy smile.

LOTR Elven Leaf Brooch

Item # RC-2252
This beautiful costume jewelry clasp is silver plated and ready to complete any LOTR costume (adult or child). The LOTR Elven Leaf Brooch is modeled after the pin that secured the cloaks of the fellowship.

LOTR Gandalf Brooch

Item # RC-1101
This brooch is perfect for Gandalf and Wizard Costumes. It has an ornate design and matches the one used in the films. The clasp is about 2-inches in length and is made from quality plastic.

Mad Bunny

Item # HS-27097
This disturbed rabbit displays a far more wicked visage than the regular March Hare. The unsettling Mad Bunny depicts a wide-eyed brute that licks its chops as it stares at its prey with hunger in its face.

Malfoy Wand from Harry Potter

Item # RC-9702
Our Malfoy Wand is licensed from the Harry Potter movies. This wand is the perfect accessory for your Slytherin Costume! The Malfoy Wand has a sleek look befitting a dark wizard from the Malfoy family.