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Add a touch of horror to your Halloween, or to your everyday life with these impressive props and decor. Dead heads and hearts, are not the only things you will find here, though, as we have plenty of other props, including animals, too. Everything you could possibly need to add that stylish touch to your decorations come Halloween is here, although it really does not need to be Halloween for these props and decorations to get good use. You can find gruesome severed heads that make for fantastic battle trophies, as well as other frightening decorations. There are dismembered limbs and organs here, some monstrous, some normal, and all of them eerie. You can also find classic elements of horror here, like werewolf, vampire, and zombie statues and figurines. So if you find yourself in need of a prop or a decoration for a specific scene, style, or Halloween decor, check here and you will find just what you need in this category.
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Drogon Shoulder Prop

Item # TR-RLHBO101
Perched atop the shoulder of Daenerys Targaryen, Drogon shrieks to announce the return of dragons to Westeros. The Drogon Shoulder Prop has been carefully modeled on the appearance of the dragon in the Game of Thrones show.

Gold Pirate Coins

Item # FM-67746
Pirates love coins, and pirates love gold. Putting two and two together means that pirates will assuredly love these Gold Pirate Coins. Each one of them is one-hundred percent pirate in nature, making them ideally suited as treasure.

Gothic Skull Goblet

Item # RC-5135
Gothic and grey are two good words to describe this Gothic Skull Goblet. It is beautifully bleak in a gothic way while also having a dark appeal that is perfect for decorating with in a wide variety of different settings and scenes.

Gryffindor Printed Wall Banner

Item # RC-3997
You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart. Their daring, nerve, and chivalry set Gryffindors apart. This Gryffindor Printed Wall Banner displays the rampant lion with red and gold background of the Hogwarts house.

Hanging Bloody Foot

Item # FM-63053
A Hanging Bloody Foot is a great way to add a sort of macabre sense of ambiance to any location. It brings up too many questions and delivers absolutely no answers. Why is the foot chained up? Did it belong to a zombie or a survivor?

Hanging Bloody Hand

Item # FM-63054
Those in need of a spare hand can find one hanging on your walls when you decorate with the Hanging Bloody Hand. It is hard not to think of gruesome torture when you look at this severed hand, hanging limply in a metal cuff.

Harry Potter Broom from Harry Potter

Item # RC-9700
Our Harry Potter Broom is licensed from the Harry Potter movies. This broom is the perfect accessory for your Harry Potter Robe or Quidditch Costume! This is a great accent for use with costumes at Halloween or for special events.

Harry Potter Deluxe Wand from Harry Potter

Item # RC-9706
Our Harry Potter Deluxe Wand is licensed from the Harry Potter movies. This wand is motion activated, plays three different sounds, and lights up! In the series, Harrys wand is holly, with a phoenix feather core.

Harry Potter Glasses

Item # LS7224
Wearing these round wire rim glasses should make you feel like a better magician, or at the very least, lend authenticity to your costume. Step into your favorite magical realm with the Harry Potter Glasses completing your look.

Harry Potter Safety Lantern

Item # RC-9720
Until your witch or wizard learns the wand-lighting charm, this Harry Potter Safety Lantern will light the way as they trick-or-treat or explore secret chambers. This licensed costume accessory features a distressed metal look.

Harry Potter Wand from Harry Potter

Item # RC-9704
Our Harry Potter Wand is licensed from the Harry Potter movies. This wand is the perfect accessory for your Harry Potter Costume! In the film, Harrys wand was holly, with a phoenix feather core.

Hedwig the Owl Prop

Item # RC-9708
Hedwig the snowy owl is given as a birthday gift from Hagrid to Harry Potter as he prepares to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This Hedwig the Owl Prop is a perfect decor item for your wizard-themed gathering.