Zombo Mask


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With eyes ablaze and a hunger strong enough to devour all mankind, the Zombo Mask is sure to strike fear into your victims! Crafted from high-quality latex, this incredible mask is the ideal way to incorporate zombie motif into any costumed event! A sickly green complexion has been given to create a distinctive caricature of this classic undead monster. The maroon tinge of muscle peeks through lacerations in his skin, dark lines adding contrast to give the appearance of ancient flesh. Ferocious red eyes, sunken deep beneath his brow, peer at you. Hidden amongst the blackened bags beneath the crimson eyes are seeing holes positioned in such a way that it does not draw away from the character. This incredibly detailed mask features a full head design, meaning that it will cover the wearers head completely to blend easily with the costume of your choice. No matter the occasion, you cannot go wrong with the Zombo Mask!

Key Features:

  • Unique twist on classic zombie
  • Detailed flesh with exquisite color
  • Hidden eye holes for visibility
  • Full head design to provide a complete look
  • Ideal for costume parties, theater productions, and more


  • Mask is crafted from high-quality latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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