Zombie Rot Gel


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Are you having a hard time with your zombie rot? If you cannot get the customized look you need with other prosthetics, the Zombie Rot Gel will allow you to create your own personal touch of realistic zombie rot and decay! This is not just some simple prosthetic that you get and apply with adhesives, but is instead a sort of do-it-yourself mix that allows you to custom-create your own impressive and decayed looking zombie rot. All you do is empty the zombie rot gel into a small cup or dish and add hot water, mixing until reach your desired consistency. After that, you safely apply the substance where you wish it with the wooden applicator, adding touches of moss when necessary, before letting it dry for an incredible looking rot effect! Now, none of your zombie looks or costumes has to go without great rot, because as long as you have a supply of this Zombie Rot Gel, you will have all you need to create all the customized zombie rot you will ever want!

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Key Features:

  • Includes Zombie Rot Gel and Wooden Applicator
  • Easy to Apply and Remove
  • Dries Hard for Removal and Re-Use
  • Allows for Creation of Personalized Zombie Rot Effects
  • Makes For a Great Addition to Virtually Any Zombie Costume
  • Great for Zombie Outbreaks, Zombie Walks, Halloween, and Undead Gatherings


  • Empty zombie rot gel into cup or dish
  • Add hot water and mix to an applesauce-like consistency
  • Test to ensure that mixture is not too hot for skin
  • Apply material using wooden applicator
  • Create a rougher effect by stippling with wooden applicator
  • Can add moss or pieces of flesh while rot is still gooey for additional effect


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