Zombie Horror Flesh Make-Up


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Is there a way to create the horrid, infected look of a zombie without making a deadly and permanent life-choice? Just apply some of this Zombie Horror Flesh Make-Up, and you will start to look zombified in a few short moments. And the best part about this make-up is that it is water soluble, which means that, as easy as it is to give yourself a zombified appearance, it is just as easy to wash off. Cure your affliction with running water and soap! Each container holds one tube of make-up, which contains 1 total ounce of make-up to use. Lightly applied, this Zombie Horror Flesh Make-Up is the perfect way to change your complexion and turn yourself into a flesh-hungry zombie with gruesome and grisly undead flesh, and without ever exposing yourself to another zombie!

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Key Features:

  • Perfect for Creating a Realistic and Effective Zombie Look
  • Each Pack Contains One 1-Ounce Tube of Make-Up
  • Water Soluble, So it Washes Off Easy
  • A Great Looking Touch to Any Zombie Costume
  • Fantastic for Halloween Season and Zombie Outbreaks


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