Zombie Hand Window Decal


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This Zombie Hand Window Decal is the perfect way to create a creepy and eerie mood that is as perfect for Halloween as it is for your own zombie celebration! Simply apply this decal and watch the zombies rise right before your window! This great decal depicts a bloody, gore-streaked hand as it rises from the ground, broken and jagged pieces of dirt sitting around the base of the arm. The hand is tinted blue and is covered in blood and dirt stains. The decal comes on a simple 15 inch tall and 8 inch wide sheet, and it can be applied to most nonporous surfaces, although it sticks best to windows. Apply this decal to your house and watch as others pause, wondering if a zombie hand is emerging from within the house. Apply it to your car window to give your vehicle a touch of personal zombie style. No matter where or how you apply the Zombie Hand Window Decal, it will virtually always draw the eye and identify you as one of the few who know that the zombie menace is out there

Key Features:

  • A Great and Novel Zombie Decoration
  • Clings to Most Nonporous Surfaces
  • A Great Decoration for Virtually Any Window
  • Ready to Use
  • Features Design on Both sides
  • Perfect for the Halloween Season
  • A Great Addition to any Zombie Costume or Look


  • Crafted from High-Quality Vinyl Material


  • Height: 15 Inches
  • Width: 8 Inches


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