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These Zombie Glasses allow anyone to have a pair of three dimensional zombie eyes, without the added hassle and risk of zombification! These simple glasses are a pair of black frames that have bulging, blood-shot lenses with circular cut eye-holes. These glasses do not feature traditional lenses in the slightest. Set in a classic black frame, each eye-piece is fitted with a bulging, off-white colored zombie eye that is blood-shot and filled with crimson veins. Each lens also features a circular cut hole in the center, so that when worn, the wearer can still see out, while giving the almost comical illusion of possessing blood-shot eyes that are about to pop out through the frames of their glasses. The Zombie Glasses are a novel way to inject a little bit of humor into even the most terrifyingly realistic of zombie costumes.

Key Features:

  • A Creepy and Humorous Zombie Decoration
  • Impressively Detailed Appearance
  • Easy and Comfortable to Wear
  • Great for an Undead Laugh
  • Perfect for the Halloween Season
  • Fantastic Finishing Touch on Zombie Costumes


  • Crafted from High-Quality Plastic


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