Zombie Crew T-Shirt



You cannot just join the zombies. You have to undergo initiation. But once you have done that, you are a zombie for life (metaphorically speaking). But before you take that ultimate leap into zombiehood, make sure you are wearing your Zombie Crew T-Shirt, so everyone knows what crew you belong to. This bright orange shirt is a definite attention grabber thanks to its color alone, although luckily, it also features a novel yet striking design, too. The shirt features bold, light gray lettering that reads Fright Night across the top in a curved line, with black stars at the beginning and end of the lettering. Beneath the phrase is an ovoid shape that features three pink brains, which are the ideal food for zombies. Just beneath the three brains are the words Zombie Crew in equally bold lettering, followed by smaller black text, flanked by three black stars on each side, which reads Eat Brains in flowing cursive script. And for that last little touch, stray splatters of blood are dashed across the shirt, because no matter how careful a zombie is, they will always wind up with a little blood on their clothing. This simple yet impressive shirt is made from 100% heavyweight cotton. The shirt is prewashed and preshrunk for convenience, and is extremely comfortable to wear. Featuring exceptional color and longevity, this shirt is a fantastic garment to wear on a daily basis. If you are looking to show your loyalty to the walking dead, then the Zombie Crew T-Shirt is just the way to do that, although if you plan on joining their ranks, make sure you put this shirt on first. After you are a zombie, you will not have the presence of mind to worry about your shirt, because the only thing you will care about is eating brains.

Key Features:

  • Great for Everyday Wear
  • Prewashed, Preshrunk 100% Cotton
  • Silk Screen Printed
  • Exceptional Color and Years of Wear
  • Great Gift Idea


  • Medium – Fits 38 Inch Chest, 27 Inch Length
  • Large – Fits 42 Inch Chest, 29 Inch Length
  • X-Large – Fits 46 Inch Chest, 31 Inch Length
  • XX-Large – Fits 50 Inch Chest, 32 Inch Length


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