Zombie Brains Zippo Lighter

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There are certain things that are a must-have when it comes to survival, and one that ranks almost as high as a survival knife is a good, reliable lighter. The Zombie Brains Zippo Lighter is a dependable lighter with a cool reminder. It reminds you that there are zombies in the world, and that those zombies are out to eat your brains. This sleek lighter has a black crackle finish that has been set with a stylized zombie decoration. Visible from the shoulders up, the zombie wears a white collared shirt and has sickly green skin and black hair. Its white eyes are blank, while its open mouth is filled with pink brains. Additional pink brain matter is flying through the air in front of the zombie, as though torn free by the zombies messy feeding habits. This lighter is virtually windproof and will offer flame in virtually any situation, whether you are lighting a candle indoors or starting a campfire in the wilderness. As unfriendly as the zombie on the front of the lighter looks, the Zombie Brains Zippo Lighter is a reliable tool that no one should be without, especially a survivor.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Zippo Lighter
  • Virtually Windproof
  • Attractive Black Crackle Finish
  • Features a Feeding Zombie Decoration


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