Youth Ranger Bow

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The rangers were the last men of the west and were destined to wander the land until the Return of the King. They were traditionally armed with both blades and bows. This Youth Ranger Bow recreates one such weapon for any young archer to wield. This bow is rather unique in its appearance. This bow is rather unique in its appearance, as it is painted all black, while featuring silver-white tree emblems on either side of the grip – designs similar to the tree of Gondor. The bow stands at 62 inches tall and features a right-handed arrow rest on the grip. It features a draw length of 24 inches with a draw weight that averages between 15 and 20 lbs. It is also permanently finished, and requires no additional maintenance other than regular bow care. This Youth Ranger Bow is perfect for casual target practice and for display, making it a stellar gift to give to any young LotR and archery enthusiast you might have in your life.

Key Features:

  • Made out of hickory
  • Hand painted with a sleek, black color stain
  • Decorated with silver tree and star designs
  • A completely functional piece of art!
  • Offered in only one draw weight and length
  • This bow is perfect for LOTR Fans and Traditional Archery Fans alike


  • Overall Bow Height: 62 Inches


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