Youth Prologue Bow

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Our Youth Prologue Bow is on a bow design that is worthy of any elf. The front of the bow is hand-painted with fine scrollwork in metallic gold, while the handle is black, which fades to a natural brown along the bow’s length in a very cool transition. It also features a handy arrow-rest, designed for right-handed users. The bow has an overall length of 62 inches. It features a draw length of 24 inches with a draw weight that averages between 15 and 20 lbs. The bow is permanently finished and needs no maintenance. The Youth Prologue Bow is great for any archery-interested child to use for general target practice, as well as a stellar personal bow to use in competitions. Thanks to its fine design, this Youth Prologue Bow also makes a fine gift to give, especially to those who appreciate LotR inspired weapons and items!

Key Features:

  • Made out of hickory
  • Unique color effect with black handle fading to dark brown tips
  • Hand painted Elven scroll artwork
  • A completely functional piece of art!
  • Offered in only one draw weight and length
  • This bow is perfect for LOTR Fans and Traditional Archery Fans alike


  • Overall Bow Height: 62 Inches


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