Yin Yang Tree Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Nature itself is the epitome of balance, as it represents the circle of life. This Yin Yang Tree Long Sleeve T-Shirtimplements an iconic symbol of harmony into a nature scene, making it a great way to show your peaceful personality. Using water based ink and organic dyes, this shirt features a relaxed fit for a comfortable wear. Printed on this dark green shirt is a stunning image of a tree in the middle of the forest. Its branches come together to create the Yin Yang symbol, with the sun shining through the bottom circle to represent light. Both pre-washed and pre-shrunk, this shirt is ready for you to wear as soon as it arrives! Create balance and tranquility in your wardrobe with the Yin Yang Tree Long Sleeve Shirt.

Key Features:

  • Made with organic dyes and water based ink
  • Pre-washed and pre-shrunk for a super comfortable fit
  • Printed on a green swirled shirt
  • Depicts a tree with branches creating a Yin Yang symbol
  • Ribbed sleeves add a comfortable touch
  • A great addition to any wardrobe


  • Small – 39 Inch Chest, Length 25.5 Inches, Sleeve Length 25 Inches
  • Medium – 40 Inch Chest, Length 26 Inches, Sleeve Length 25.25 Inches
  • Large – 41 Inch Chest, Length 28 Inches, Sleeve Length 25.75 Inches
  • X-Large – 42 Inch Chest, Length 29 Inches, Sleeve Length 26 Inches
  • XX-Large – 43 Inch Chest, Length 29.5 Inches, Sleeve Length 28 Inches


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