Yellow Fairyland Fairy Statue


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Fairies do not have theme parks or roller coasters, but we imagine that riding a falling leaf in the air or down a rushing river is just as good! This Yellow Fairyland Fairy Statue features a pixie as she sits atop an autumn leaf. Just as the legends claim, fairies are a pretty breed, and this one is no different, possessing pale features and dark brown hair, both contrasted sharply by her bright yellow skirt and her striped brown bodice. She sits atop a curled red-brown leaf, while her own wings, yellow and brown in color, are extended behind her back to carry her aloft if riding the leaf on the wind becomes too much to handle. The statue is crafted in cold cast resin, as well as hand-painted in vivid color, which only makes it all the more eye-catching. Her beauty makes this Yellow Fairyland Fairy Statue a lovely accent, one that is sure to get noticed, no matter where you put it in your home or collection.

Key Features:

  • Made from Fine Cold Cast Resin
  • Hand-painted in Vivid and Stunning Colors
  • Depicts a Lovely Fairy Seated Atop an Autumn Leaf
  • Possesses an Extreme Level of Detail
  • A Fine Home Decor Piece, Collectible, and Gift Idea


  • Height: 5.25 Inches


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