Wooden Slytherin House Shield

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The Wooden Slytherin House Shield is a beautiful shield from the world of young witches and wizards. A must have for the true Hogwarts or Potter fan! It is a completely unique and one of a kind shield. This circle shield has an elaborate Slytherin House snake and the word Slytherin at the top. The design has been hand-painted over an airbrushed background. The Slytherin House Shield is made of 0.5 inch thick smooth composite wood, which is considerably stronger than plywood. Dual leather straps are used to secure the arm along the back one intended to be gripped or held and one strap that goes over the forearm. The Wooden Slytherin House Shield has also been applied with several coats of varnish to further protect and preserve it from wear. This wooden shield measures about 25 inches in diameter and would look great hanging on your wall or defending you from forest monsters.

Key Features:

  • Includes Straps
  • Historically Accurate Shield Shape
  • Solid Wood Construction from Smooth Composite Wood
  • Great For Theatrical Productions and Reenactments
  • Hand-painted Design


  • Shield Diameter: 25 Inches
  • Shield Thickness: 0.5 Inch


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