Wooden Practice Ninjato


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An excellent training blade for the modern ninja, this Wooden Practice Ninjato has a short wooden blade for close quarters combat and secretive maneuvers. This lightweight wooden sword also makes a fantastic addition to any costume. The single edged blade has been painted metallic silver, contrasting with the black guard and handle. The handle and scabbard are wrapped with nylon cord. Perfect for cosplay outfits, combat training, and theatrical productions, the Wooden Practice Ninjato is great for all ages.

Key Features:

  • Japanese style training sword
  • Makes a great display or costume weapon
  • Perfect for sparring and theatrical productions
  • Fun gift for historians and reenactors
  • Displays a silver blade and black handle
  • Black scabbard included


  • Made from hardwood
  • Nylon cord wrapping


  • Overall Length: 22 Inches


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