Womens Tavern Wench Costume

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In the Womens Tavern Wench Costume, you will look like an authentic medieval maiden, deposited in the modern era and left untouched by the passage of time. It has an idyllic and classic look that other costumes have a hard time matching. This elaborate costume consists of several pieces that, together, form a beautiful medieval look and style fit for any maiden. The costume features a white, chemise-styled shirt that has a ruffled collar and full-length sleeves that fit loosely and end in wide cuffs decorated by white lace. The skirt itself is black and features a medieval-styled border near the hem. The skirt also features a red checkered overlay that gives the skirt a wonderfully layered look. The brown vest is worn on the shoulder, features attractive black lace trim, and fastens via a trio of laces on the front. Also included with the costume is an attractive scarf, to be worn according to personal comfort and discretion. The costume is available in only one color combination and is available in sizes small, medium, and large. The Womens Tavern Wench Costume is a wonderful way to transform your appearance into that of an idyllic medieval maiden. Thusly garbed, you will be prepared for not only Halloween, but for medieval gatherings, conventions, costume parties, and much, much more!

Key Features:

  • Quality Halloween costume
  • Includes Shirt, Vest, Skirt with Overskirt, and Scarf
  • Extremely Attractive and Classic-Looking Medieval Costume
  • Great for costume parties and Halloween


  • Made from polyester


  • Small: Bust – 38 Inches, Waist – 25-26 Inches
  • Medium/Standard: Bust – 42 Inches, Waist – 27-30 Inches
  • Large: Bust – 42 Inches, Waist – 31-34 Inches


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