Women’s Sultry Pirate Wench Costume


The next time ye sail the seven seas, ye might want to keep an eye open for any she-devils wearing this Womens Sultry Pirate Wench Costume. And if ye spot one, ye best keep focused and aware, as sultry sea-maidens are never ones to be trifling with. Of course, if you happen to be the woman wearing this costume, so much the better for you, because now you can really have some fun tormenting your crew. This fun and flirty pirate costume consists of a pretty, cream colored off-the-shoulder blouse that features elegant ruffles along the neckline and short, comfortable, elbow-length sleeves. Also included is a seductive corset vest that has a base brown backing that is decorated with elegant gold and glimmering purple trim down the front, around where the vest laces up. The bottom half of the costume consists of a brown overskirt decorated with purple trim and dangling purple beads, placed over a short purple skirt that features gold and black lace trim. And of course, no pirate, male or female, would be complete without a hat, and so this costume does include a black and gold pirates hat that features a little skull and crossbones symbol on its front. Please note that this costume does not include the pictured prop sword. The costume is available in four sizes, small, medium, large, and x-large. Being a pirate does not mean you have to give up on style. In fact, thanks to a life of pillage and plunder, you can develop virtually any style you want. And if you want to be flirty and fun, than this Womens Sultry Pirate Wench Costume is definitely the one to wear.

Key Features:

  • A Quality Halloween Costume
  • Includes a Classic Pirate Hat, a Simple Shirt, a Lace-up Corset Vest, and a Short Skirt
  • Pair with a Variety of Props and Accessories for Personal Style
  • A Sultry and Seductive Pirate Costume for Any Woman to Wear
  • Perfect for Pirate Gatherings, Stage Productions, Renaissance Fairs, Halloween, and More


  • Shirt, Vest, and Skirt Made from 100 percent Polyester Fabric
  • Hat Made from Hardened Felt Fabric


  • Small: Fits a 33-35 Inch Bust and a 25-26 Inch Waist (Dress Size 2-6)
  • Medium: Fits a 36-38 Inch Bust and a 27-30 Inch Waist (Dress Size 8-12)
  • Large: Fits a 38-40 Inch Bust and a 31-34 Inch Waist (Dress Size 14-16)
  • X-Large: Fits a 40-42 Inch Bust and a 34-35 Inch Waist (Dress Size 18-20)


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