Womens Pirate Wig and Bandana


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Getting your hair styled for the high seas can be a rough ordeal. Why not avoid the hassle altogether? Just wear this Womens Pirate Wig and Bandana instead, to give yourself fabulous pirate hair that works well with virtually any pirate ensemble! This accessory combines the bandana of the pirate with a wig to create a dual-purpose accessory that any woman can enjoy as a part of her pirate style. The bandana is black pleather fabric and is worn like a hat fitted over the head. Hanging down from the sides and back of the bandana are braided locks of auburn hair that are quite befitting of a sea-maiden! And while it does pair very well with pirate looks, costumes and styles, this Womens Pirate Wig and Bandana is also a fine combo that goes great with other costumed looks too. It is that versatility that makes it a must-have addition to any pirate lass or costume lovers wardrobe!

Key Features:

  • A combination pirate bandana and wig
  • Worn atop the head like a cap
  • Features long, braided strands of synthetic auburn hair
  • A perfect accent for any pirate lass to own and wear
  • Goes great with pirate costumes as well as countless others


  • Made from faux leather and synthetic hair


  • One size fits most


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