Womens Cavalier Lady Costume



Not all the best swordsmen were actually men. A woman could be just as skilled with a blade as a man could, and in the Womens Cavalier Lady Costume, any woman will look the part of a rakish yet skilled sword fighter from the Renaissance. This attractive costume includes a hat, a vest, and a layered dress that is designed to create a look that is as much a warrior as it is a woman. The dress features a white chemise-styled top with loose-fitting sleeves decorated with a medieval stripe pattern down the length of the arm. The skirt is primarily red with a blue overlay. The black vest laces up the front and is worn on the shoulders. The included hat is black to match the vest and features a decorative blue faux feather as ornamentation. The costume does not include a separate belt or footwear. The costume is available in only one color but comes in sizes small, medium, and large. The Womens Cavalier Lady Costume creates a simple look that is perfect for female swordsman to wear while fending off their male counterparts, and it also looks great on any medieval or renaissance woman who is more comfortable fighting then she is working. It is perfect for use around Halloween, and can also be used throughout the year at costume parties and events, as well as medieval festivals, renaissance fairs, and fantasy conventions.

Key Features:

  • Quality Halloween costume
  • Includes Hat, Vest, and Layered Skirt
  • Very Bright and Colorful Appearance
  • Great for costume parties and Halloween


  • Made from polyester


  • Small: Bust 33 to 35 Inches, Waist 25 to 26 Inches
  • Medium/Standard: Bust 36 to 38 Inches, Waist 27 to 30 Inches
  • Large: Bust 38 to 40 Inches, Waist 31 to 34 Inches


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