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The Womens Bonnie Blue Pirate Costume is a slightly different take on a pirate costume: far from traditional, it is, instead, bright, chipper, and inviting. It is a pirate costume that is both visually appealing and elegantly pirate. This costume features, primarily, a blue and white dress that is stylishly designed and decorated with pirate fashion, with a length that ends above the knee. The costume also includes a pair of matching blue cuffs, a choker that features a jabot, a pair of black and white garters, boot lace, and an awesome pirate hat. This costume does not include stockings, boots, or the toy sword, although each of these items can be replaced with other items in order to add character to the costume and complete the ensemble. As a Halloween costume, it is flirty and yet fun. It is a little bit distant from actual pirate-wear but still features a pirate theme, making it a great costume for costume parties, where it is sure to receive attention. It will also perform well at most pirate gatherings and festivals, where it is too fun to not work.

Key Features:

  • Quality Halloween costume
  • Includes Dress, Cuffs, Choker Jabot, Garters, Boot Lace, and Hat
  • Does Not Include Toy Sword, Stockings, or Boots
  • Great for costume parties and Halloween
  • Fun Attire for all but the Strictest of Pirate Festivals and Fairs


  • Made from polyester


  • Standard: Bust 36 to 38 Inches, Waist 27 to 30 Inches


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