Winged Skull with Knife Shot Glass


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Set your kitchen set apart from the rest with the original and daring Winged Skull with Knife Shot Glass. Balancing attitude and function, this item is sure to become a treasured addition to your personal collection. With a glass and pewter construction, this is a versatile item that has gothic influences. With a glossy black finish, there is a detailed pewter emblem on the side. Careful molding and texturing produce a stunning depiction of a winged skull that has a sword through it and snakes. The wings have individual feathers, while the skull has large eye holes, the snakes have scaled skin, and the sword has a dazzling pommel. This Winged Skull with Knife Shot Glass is sure to become a great conversation piece during your next social event.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by gothic fantasy
  • Features glossy finish and detailed emblem
  • Ideal for gifting or collecting


  • Made from Fine Glass
  • Decorated with a Pewter Emblem


  • Height: 3.37 Inches


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