Winged Half-Dragon Leather Mask

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This mask gives its wearer a rare opportunity. Better than dragon-scales, this Winged Half-Dragon Leather Mask will make you look and feel like you are actually wearing a dragon, as it curls protectively across your face. This amazing half-mask has a stunning green coloration, depicting a scaled dragon that has curled itself into a small circle. When worn, the body of the dragon curls around the eye, its back pressed to the side of the face so that the extended and stylized wing sticks out along the side of your head. The tail curls under the eye and back up along the side of the nose, before tying around the neck of the dragon. The head extends out across your forehead and breathes forth a gout of dark gold fire. This mask is hand crafted from high quality leather, and it is hand painted in rich, vibrant hues to further accent all of the immense detailing that has gone into the form of the dragon. The Winged Half-Dragon Leather Mask would make a fantastic masquerade piece to wear when you go out to fancy parties, as well as a great half-mask to adorn yourself with whenever you want to show off the power and majesty of a dragon.

This mask is a limited edition piece that is made here in America in small batch production runs.

Key Features:

  • Made Entirely from High Quality Leather
  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Hand Painted and Impressively Detailed Appearance
  • Half-Mask Covers only Part of the Face
  • Available in Left Side or Right Side Coverage
  • Worn Via a Leather Tie in the Back


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