Winged Cyborg Skull Steampunk Necklace


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Whether your style is standard or steampunk, the skull remains a popular icon for those who seek a darker look. This Winged Cyborg Skull Steampunk Necklace blends the ultimate symbol of death with technological gears to create a new sort of life – the kind prolonged by machines! This necklace consists of a skull pendant that is made from lead free metals. A section of the skull is removed to allow onlookers to glimpse the clockwork gears located within, while angular wings extend out from either side. Included with the pendant is a chain for easy wearing. As a personal symbol, this Winged Cyborg Skull Steampunk Necklace demonstrates how man and machine can work together to achieve more than either could on their own.

Key Features:

  • Made from lead free alloy
  • Suitable for everyday wear
  • Includes the chain for easy wearing
  • Consists of a winged skull filled with clockwork gears
  • Features intricate detailing
  • A fantastic personal accessory or gift idea


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