Western Leather Cartridge Belt


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Gun slingers lived and died by the availability of ammo, and that is why many of them wore bandoliers of belts filled with the stuff. And now, you can do so as well in your Western outlaw look, by adding this Western Leather Cartridge Belt to your attire. Crafted entirely from fine leather, this belt consists of a broad leather belt that wraps around the waist. Adorning the belt are several narrow leather loops, which are sized to hold cartridges, up to twenty-five in total, putting them at your waist and within easy reach, should you need them. The belt is secured about the waist via a metal buckle, and the corresponding strap features good length and several pre-made holes, allowing for an immense about of adjustability. A costume gunslinger can load this belt out with false ammo for the authentic look, or a real gun-slinger might find that this Western Leather Cartridge Belt keeps a few shots within easy reach while they are out at the range or working their quick-draw magic at a competition. Check out our .45 Caliber Replica Bullets (AC-26-105DC) for a solid ammo option.

Key Features:

  • An Authentic Looking Western Era Ammo Belt
  • Adorned with 25 Individual Ammo Loops
  • Secured Via a Buckled Belt Strap
  • Very Long – Fits Many Waist Sizes with Ease
  • A Great Costume Accessory and Replica Pistol Accent


  • Made Entirely in Genuine Leather

Waist Belt Width (Strap) Belt Width (Cartridges) Overall Length
One Size 33-50.13 inches 1.13 inches 3.25 inches 53 inches


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