Water Warrior Katana


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While other warriors feel a connection to fire or the earth, you connect to water instead. Thus, you display the Water Warrior Katana for all to see. Made from carbon steel, this decorative katana features the curved blade shape typical of Japanese swords. The sword then continues with an oval tsuba. Four black sections in an X-shape hold the oval outer rim of the tsuba. Then, the sword has a blue wrapped handle on a cream background. Finally, the katana comes with a dark blue scabbard. The scabbard has brass-colored fittings. The Water Warrior Katana makes a great addition to any home decor or sword collection.

Key Features:

  • X-shaped tsuba
  • Has a curved blade
  • Comes with a dark blue scabbard
  • Great for home or office decor
  • Wonderful for sword collections


  • Made from carbon steel


  • Overall Length: 40 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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