Waspie Waist Cincher with Lace Overlay


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The Waspie Waist Cincher with Lace Overlay is more than just a stellar fashion statement. It is a fine accessory for any lady to wear, whether she wants to trim her waist a bit or accent her style with some gothic beauty. This stylish waist cincher, known as a waspie, is a fine addition to any ladies attire. The cincher itself is made entirely from fine cotton-velvet fabric, which offers a luxurious feel that is hard to beat. This fabric base is off-white in its coloration, and it is further accented by a layer of sheer lace netting, which overlays the corsets form and enhances its look ten-fold. One side of the corset features tight lacing, crisscross patterns to secure it together, while the other, narrow side is adorned with dangling accents on the underside, as well as a ribbon-laced closure in the center. The waist cincher is offered in just the one stunning coloration, although it does come in several sizes, with each size featuring a bit of adjustment, thanks to the lace-up closure. When a waist cincher looks as good as this Waspie Waist Cincher with Lace Overlay does, you do not wear it because you need to. You wear it because you want to, because it has a beautiful look that will complement your own look nicely and accent your beauty twice as much.

Key Features:

  • A Classic And Versatile Womens Accessory
  • Made Entirely From Fine Cotton Velvet Fabrics
  • Decorated with Sheer Black lace Overlay
  • Closed Via Ribbon Lacing in the Back and Crisscross Lacing in the Front
  • Looks Great with Historic, Gothic, Steampunk and Modern Styles

Small/Medium16-20 inches
Large24 inches
X-Large28 inches


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