Warrior Steel Cuirass – Blackened


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Explore medieval or fantasy realms with confidence and commanding presence in the Blackened Warrior Steel Cuirass. Crafted for the discerning enthusiast, this armor piece is an embodiment of both protection and aesthetics, serving as a testament to the wearers valor and taste.

At the core of the Blackened Warrior Steel Cuirass is an articulated design, offering exceptional flexibility and range of motion. This design ensures that the cuirass moves with you, providing not only unyielded protection but also unparalleled comfort throughout your endeavors.

Elegance in Detail

Adorning the edges of this armor is a fluted border, a subtle yet striking detail that adds to the overall majesty of the piece. The cuirass features a breastplate and backplate, each crafted in two sections for improved mobility and fit. Both the front and back display a careful construction.

Handcrafted from mild steel, this cuirass strikes the perfect balance between weight and defense, offering robust protection without encumbering the warrior who dons it. The straps ensure that the armor secures to your form, ready to stand the test of battle and time.

Tailored for the Warrior Within

Understanding the diverse needs of the clientele, this masterpiece is available in three distinct sizes. The Blackened Warrior Steel Cuirass is not just about function; its blackened finish speaks volumes of its elegance and intimidation on the battlefield. This finish contributes to the awe-inspiring aesthetic. An anti-rust finish on the inside helps to ensure that your armor remains as enduring as your spirit.

In sum, the Blackened Warrior Steel Cuirass is more than just armor; it is a piece of history, a wearable art that brings the ancient warrior spirit to life. Whether in a fierce LARP battle or in a cosplay, this cuirass is guaranteed to turn heads and mark you as a figure of prowess and distinguished taste. Step forward as the embodiment of strength and elegance.

Key Features:

  • Material: Constructed from high-quality mild steel, balancing protection and weight.
  • Adjustable Straps: Durable and reliable straps ensure a snug, custom fit.
  • Handcrafted Aesthetic: Every piece showcases craftsmanship, with a fluted border for added elegance.
  • Blackened Finish: Provides a formidable appearance.
  • Sizes Availability: Comes in three sizes to accommodate different body types.


  • Made from mild steel

Care Instructions:


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