War Axe by Marto


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Axes were a fairly common weapon during the Medieval Ages, primarily because an axe could be easily made. It required less ore then a sword. However, the ease of creation did not make an axe less effective. The War Axe, by Marto, proves this. This axe features a spiral-engraved handle and a simple, yet wickedly effective axe-head. Composed of a frontal axe-blade and a rear spike, this axe-head is not only good for cleaving through enemies but also for penetrating armor, assuming, of course, that this axe is used for combat at all. The War Axe by Marto is just a replica, not intended for combat. It proves a perfectly good point that while axes were common and easy to manufacture, they were in no way inferior to other weapons of the time.

Key Features:

  • Steel Axe-Head
  • Wood Haft


  • Overall Length: 24 Inches


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