Viking Warrior With Long Spiked Club Statue


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The lust for battle and the pursuit of riches leads this Norse raider to prepare for another invasion. The Viking Warrior With Long Spiked Club Statue is part of a series inspired by the many myths that surround the Norse pirates. The detail found in this bronze statue makes it seem as though he could come to life at any moment. Tribal tattoos decorate his muscular arms. Leather straps secure a round chest piece with the Viking insignia to his chest. Riveted leather bands encircle his wrists and a loincloth drapes from his waist. Fur trimmed boots cover his feet. Gold filigree accents his spectacle helmet, aka Spangenhelm. He stands on a pedestal of earth and grass, waiting for the battle to begin.

Key Features:

  • Depicts a Viking warrior with spiked club
  • Hand-painted with amazing detail
  • Inspired by the legends of Norse raiders
  • A unique piece to add to your collection


  • Made from Cold Cast Bronze


  • Height: 5.875 Inches


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