Victorian Penny Replica Coin Pack


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The penny of Queen Victoria was one of the most intricate denominations of British coinage. And with this Victorian Penny Replica Coin Pack, you can have your very own replica of this impressive coin, complete with its own informational card. Featured on the card is a full-color front, as well as the story of the penny on the cards back. This penny is a replication of the original, having been cast from the original coin. It features a bust of Queen Victoria on the front, while the reverse features Britannia seated on a rock. Like all the classic British pennies after the year 1860, this penny looks as though it is made from copper, which enhances its realistic look. You do not have be a coin collector to see the appeal of this Victorian Penny Replica Coin Pack. Adults and children can enjoy it too, learning new facts while still admiring a rather impressive looking historical coin.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Lead-Free Pewter
  • Features a Bust of Queen Victoria and Britannia
  • Comes in a Clear Plastic Blister with an Information Card
  • Cast from an Original Coin
  • A Phenomenal Collectors Piece or Gift Idea
  • Includes Information about Queen Victorias Penny


  • Coin Diameter: 1.18 Inches (3 cm)


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