Vermeil Cut Out Tree Pentacle Earrings


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For a true accent of Celtic style, the classic designs are some of the best to wear. And few are more iconic then the Celtic Tree of Life, which is featured in all its stunning knotted detail in these lovely Vermeil Cut Out Tree Pentacle Earrings. Crafted entirely in fine sterling silver, these earrings are quite lovely to look at, thanks in part to their silver-metal gleam. The earrings, as stated before, depict the Celtic tree of life, featuring a tree design whose roots and branches merge with a circle to create an infinite cycle. Also set within this circle is a five-point star, which creates a pentacle design, too. Even more striking is that the five-point star is vermeil plated, which adds a stunning gold-metal gleam to the pendants silver shine! The earrings come complete with curved ear wire hooks, for convenient and easy wearing. The duality of design makes these Vermeil Cut Out Tree Pentacle Earrings quite complex in both meaning and look, which means that they are perfectly capable of pulling double-duty, acting as a personal emblem of power and belief, as well as a stunning accent to wear to enhance your look.

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Key Features:

  • An Original Design by Sculptor Paul Borda
  • A Classic Celtic Tree of Life Design with an Inscribed Five Point Star
  • Crafted Entirely from Polished .925 Solid Sterling Silver with Vermeil Plating
  • Earrings are Single-Sided
  • Sold as a Matched Pair, with Curved Ear Wire Hooks
  • A Stunning Personal Accent and a Fantastic Gift Idea


  • Diameter: 11/16ths an Inch


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