Vented Medieval Lantern


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A lantern is a great way to stave off the darkness. And this Vented Medieval Lantern will not only shed light, but it also has a hand-crafted, historic look that comes complete with subtle touches of detail that are sure to impress all who see it. This lantern is crafted entirely in cast iron, and it possesses a dark, forged finish that is rather appealing in its look. The lantern is capped with a ring, for easy carrying and hanging, while the front possesses a hinged door, so that the candle placed within can be easily lit, extinguished, and replaced. Small round cut-outs, along with a larger cross cut-out, adorn the lanterns door, allowing light to shine through even when the door is closed and secure with the latch. It is the fine details that make this Vented Medieval Lantern such an appealing accent, while the candle within and the functional style make it a useful one to have too, especially at night or in dark dungeon corridors.

Key Features:

  • A Cast Iron Crafted Lantern
  • Possesses a Dark, Forged Metal Finish
  • Hinged Door Protects the Candle Placed Within
  • Adorned with Cut-out Shapes to let the Light Shine Through
  • An Ideal Medieval or Modern Camping Accessory
  • Perfect for Shedding Light on a Dark Setting


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