Uther Dragon Necklace

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The dragon has long been a symbol of power and might, having even been used by the legendary King Uther, father of King Arthur, in his battle standards. And that same dragon is recreated here for all to enjoy as this stunning Uther Dragon Necklace. This pendant is a relatively simple little trinket although its simplicity does not detract from its appearance. It is crafted from high quality pewter, which gives it a fantastic yet faded metallic hue, one that accents its shape and form quite nicely indeed. The pendant takes the shape of a partially formed little dragon, one that shows off the majestic head and all its scales and frills. The body becomes decorative knots as its form continues down, while a single great wing extends from the dragons back and connects to a small ring that acts as the pendants point of connection to any existing chain you might already have. The pendant is small, measuring only 1.7 inches long and 1.1 inches wide. Fans of all dragon kind are sure to love this pendant at first sight, which makes this Uther Dragon Necklace a great personal accessory to wear and enjoy as well as a fantastic gift idea to give to that special someone you know in your life.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from lead free Pewter
  • Modeled After a Majestic Dragon
  • Features Impressive Detailing and Decorations
  • A Perfect Accent to Any Outfit
  • Can be Worn on a Daily Basis or for Special Occasions
  • A Wonderful Gift Idea for Loved Ones or Friends
  • Includes a black cord for easy wearing


  • Length: 1.7 Inches
  • Width: 1.1 Inches


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