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Keep your eyes peeled and your ears tuned for this magical steed and warn unsuspecting travelers of what they may encounter with our Unicorn Crossing Magnet. A detailed silhouette of a neighing unicorn is the focus of this picture. Framed by the words, Unicorn Crossing, this magnet features the stand out elegance of the magical creature, and has its horn poking into the words themselves. This makes for a unique design and provides for something to focus on as you heed this warning. Our solid magnet fits great on a fridge or metallic surface, has a unique rainbow-colored border, and can work great as a gift idea for fans of unicorns or magical creatures. Watch out for the unicorns crossing your path, you dont want to miss these rare and magnificent creatures.

Key Features:

  • Displays a kneighing unicorn in a dark silhouette
  • Has the words, Unicorn Crossing, across the top and bottom
  • Rainbow border encircles the picture
  • A sturdy and solid magnet for your fridge or magnettic surfaces
  • Works great as a gift idea for fans of unicorns and magical creatures


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