Undead Pirate Cream Makeup Kit


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The only thing more terrifying than a pirate on the high seas is an undead one. With the Undead Pirate Cream Makeup Kit, you can create the perfect deceased pirate, down to the gruesome scars and the horrendous injuries. This professional grade makeup kit includes four pots of highly pigmented makeup cream that are perfect for creating the look of a spooky, yet doomed sailor. The four colors included are deadguy grey, undead purple, bruised red, and black. Together, these colors work wonders for creating the pallor, scars, and injuries that one would expect out of a dead, dying, or undead pirate. The makeup comes in a small palette for convenient and quick storage and access. The makeup comes off just as easy as it goes on, requiring only soap and warm water to remove. If you are looking to board the Flying Dutchman or just put together your own ghostly and ghastly pirate ensemble, then you will definitely find that this Undead Pirate Cream makeup Kit is just the makeup you need to create your pirate look.

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Key Features:

  • Professional Grade Make-Up Kit
  • Includes Four Colors
  • Highly Pigmented Cream makeup
  • Easy to Apply and Remove
  • Great for Creating A Variety of Characters
  • Fantastic for Halloween


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