Ullr and Vinland Copper Coin


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The Ullr and Vinland Copper Coin is a copper coin that comes from a might-have-been world of Vikings with its Norse design. Made from solid copper, this die-struck coin was made with traditional coining techniques. It depicts the Norse god associated with archery and skiing. He stands on skis on a mountain holding a bow. Behind him is his name. On the back of the coin, there is circular design in the center that has four sections. Surrounding the circle are the words Vinland Moneta or Vinland money. Vinland was an abandoned colony created by Leif Ericsson in North America. Overall, the coin has an antiqued finish to give it a realistic look. Finally, this coin comes with an info sheet. The Ullr and Vinland Copper Coin makes a great collectible or gift for anyone interested in the Vikings or Norse mythology.

Please note that because the item is struck, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Made using traditional techniques
  • Depicts the god Ullr on one side
  • Inspired by an abandoned Viking colony
  • Has an antiqued finish
  • Comes with an info sheet
  • Great collectible


  • Made from solid copper


  • Diameter: 0.8 Inch
  • Weight: 0.09 Ounce

Measurements are approximate.


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