U.S. Army Star Logo Shooter Glass

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Down another shot, and offer your best regards to the brave soldiers of the red, white, and blue. The U.S. Army Star Logo Shooter Glass is a great way to honor the American warriors, both past and present, who ensure our freedom. The 2-ounce tall, cylindrical shot glass is made of heavyweight glass. A richly detailed decal, full of patriotic symbolism, decorates its center. The classic star logo displays across the middle. According to tradition, the colors stand for the three ingredients found in gunpowder. The white star represents saltpeter, the yellow border for sulfur, and the black background for charcoal. The ceramic decal was applied by hand and fired in a kiln at low temperature. Celebrate those who are Army Strong with the U.S. Army Star Logo Shooter Glass.

Key Features:

  • Decorated with a high quality, low fired ceramic decal
  • Displays the United States Army star logo
  • Celebrates the brave heroes of the American military


  • Made of heavyweight glass


  • Volume: 2 oz.


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