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Even something like a Thimble can be personalized and decorative. One look at the Tudor Thimble proves that point. This novel little sewing accessory comes in an acetate box with an information card that details Tudor-era thimbles and their designs. During the Tudor era, it was not uncommon for something as simple as a thimble to become personalized, especially when the wealthy and the well-off were concerned. Many thimbles were adorned or engraved with their owners initials, or in some cases, their personal coat of arms. This thimble, for instance, is adorned with the Tudor Rose on the front, as well as the Tudor coat of arms on the reverse. This thimble is made entirely from lead-free pewter. Thanks not only to its impressive design but also to its incredible and interesting insert of historical information, this Tudor Thimble is a fantastic collectible that would make a great personal acquisition, as well as a fantastic gift to give to anyone who shares an interest in history.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Lead-Free Pewter
  • Decorated With the Tudor Rose and the Tudor Coat of Arms
  • A Functional and Fun Sewing Accessory
  • A Great Gift or Personal Item
  • Comes with Historical Information


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