Triskel Oak Crystal Keeper Necklace


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A truly natural design makes this impressive pendant an accessory to wear and enjoy on all occasions. And even better, this Triskel Oak Crystal Keeper Necklace is symbolic of growth, giving it a touch of mysticism that is quite appealing, too. Designed by fantasy artist Anne Stokes, this impressive accent brings decorations from the natural world into your style, while also showing off the beautiful gleam of crystalline and silver treasure. The upper half of the pendant is crafted in pewter and plated in silver, to deliver an elegant gleam, and it consists of a circle, overgrown with oak leaves, that contains a three sided Celtic knot, more traditionally known as a triquetra. The bottom of the pendant features a little hanging crystal accent in the form of an acorn with a silver-metal top and a dark amber colored cubic zirconia bottom. Included with the pendant is a chain necklace for easy wearing, as well as a satin keepsake bag for easy and safe storage. Perhaps the power of this crystal will bring some growth and prosperity to your fortunes, and even if it does not, you can still bet that this Triskel Oak Crystal Keeper Necklace will bring plenty of style to your look, too.

Key Features:

  • A Beautiful and Artistic Accessory by Anne Stokes
  • Depicts a Celtic Triskel Knot, Ringed with Overgrown Oak Leaves
  • Decorated with Silver-Capped, Dark Amber Crystal Acorn Hanger
  • Crafted Entirely from Fine Pewter and Plated in Silver
  • Comes with a Matching Chain Necklace and a Satin Pouch


  • Pendant Length: 1.75 Inches
  • Pendant Width: 1.5 Inches
  • Chain Length: 18 Inches


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