Toofy the Clown Mask


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Toofy is the first Halloween face mask in the Clowns of Death series, designed by Erich Lubatti, owner of a premier horror art studio. This Toofy the Clown Mask is an exceptional choice for haunted houses, costume parties, and more! Toofy has a deeply wrinkled grey face with exaggerated features. Bright purple paint outlined in black draws attention to his eerie red irises, which shine against sickly yellow sclera. Toofy has a severe underbite with uneven teeth that jut out from a bright red lip and pointed chin. A red ball perches on the end of his nose. Fleshy cauliflower ears stick out on either side of his angular face. Pair the Toofy the Clown Mask with a wig, hat, or hood to create a terrifying big top experience!

Key Features:

  • Nightmarish clown horror mask
  • Highly detailed and colorful
  • Pair with a wig, hat, or hood
  • Frightful face mask for costume parties, haunted houses, and more


  • Made from latex
  • Face mask secures with an elastic strap


  • One size fits most adults


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