Tongue Slasher Mask

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Have you ever encountered a zombie that made you stop and wonder, What happened there? That might be your first thought when you catch sight of this Tongue Slasher Mask, which features a zombie that borders on the surreal. The skin possesses a pallid and sickly coloration that ranges between yellow and gray. Stringy strands of hair hang from the scalp. The eyes bulge from their sockets, creating a wild-eyed glare that bespeaks of insatiable hunger. The flesh of the lower face is torn away to reveal muscle tissue and bone. The jaw wretches wide to allow its tongue to hang out. The mask is made out of high-quality latex. Its overhead design covers the entire head, neck, and upper collar. If you are going for the starving zombie look then congratulations are in order, because they do not come much hungrier-looking than this Tongue Slasher Mask.

Key Features:

  • Starved Zombie Mask with its Tongue Hanging Out
  • Displays an Impressive Level of Detail
  • Overhead Design Conceals Entire Head and Neck
  • Fantastic for Zombie Walks, Outbreaks, Halloween, and More


  • Made from High-Quality Latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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